Greece: Privatizations on hold, investments locked

Niki Tzavela, Former MEP for the New Democracy party, writes about the visit of Valdis Dombrovskis to Athens this week.
By Niki Tzavela

This week, Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis, is visiting Athens, so that “he discusses the best possible fulfillment of Greece’s commitments and the implementation of investments with EU funds” (EC Rep. Panayotis Carvounis).

It is to the high interest and benefit of both, Greece and E.U., to real use rapid growth in Greece. Especially for GREECE it is an issue of its own survival. It unfortunate though that that for the last 10 months. All privatization projects are on hold. An endless back and forth between the State officials (of ANY kind) and the brave insisting investors is taking place. Don’t ask why. Each project has its own epic.

The EC Vice President could be of great help, if he could be informed on the progress of the privatization projects that are included in the Program already agreed in the summer. More efficiently if he could request a relevant Memo of the confirmed investors. Thus, he will be more effective in deciding what actions he can take in providing the appropriate technical assistance, as it was agreed by the Greek side and EC. All GREEK citizens that are looking for a job, would greatly appreciate any effort of his, “unlocking” ongoing investments.

It is extremely rapid growth that Greece needs urgently. This should be our source of revenues, not taxation, pension and salary cuts.

This article is an appeal to VP Dombrovskis, to focus on a fast track technical assistance Road Map for investments in Greece. For us Greeks, this is the only way to stand on our own feet.

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